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StumpOFF LLC is a local professional stump grinding company specializing in tree stump grinding in Connecticut and Massachusetts. We guarantee a careful, clean, and professional job.

StumpOFF LLC cares about our reputation. We know how to satisfy the request of even the most demanding client. The best evidence of StumpOFF LLC's involvement in the stump removal business comes from over a hundred five-star reviews on Google and Facebook. Also, the HomeAdvisor platform recognized StumpOFF LLC Stump Grinding as "Best HomeAdvisor 2021" and "Top Rated HomeAdvisor local provider."

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12 reasons why we are the best stump grinding local company?

  1. Free estimates. Our technician will come to you to give you a free consultation and a free estimate for stump removal.
  2. We do not do all kinds of tree stumps: small stumps, big stumps. We specialize in tree stump removal. It is the only work we do.
  3. We can fix your schedule. We can come to you from the early morning till late evening all week long.
  4. Free estimate.

  5. All estimates are unique. The prices for our stump removal will pleasantly surprise you. Our stump removal cost is not just competitive; in 8 out of 10 cases, we provide the most affordable stump-out service.
  6. Wide working area. We perform stump grinding in the north of CT, including Hartford County and South of MA states.
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  1. We will keep your lawn nice and clean after the stump grinding. 

    Your yard will be ready to reseed.

  2. After stump removal, clean-up is not an additional service. It does not affect your final price.
  3. KEEP IT SIMPLE. The estimation price is your final price - there are no hidden fees or "extra labor" fees.
  4. We only use new professional equipment for tree stump removal.
  5. StumpOFF LLC is licensed and insured.
  6. We accept all kinds of payments: cash, debit/credit cards, bank checks.
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why you should remove the stumps at your property.

  1. Old tree stumps can ruin your landscape look.
  2. Stumps can become the perfect home for termites, ants, rodents and even wasps.
  3. Having a stump in your yard can make lawn mowing much harder.
  4. It’s much better to have a flower bed instead of an ugly stump.
  5. Tree roots can become a hidden danger for your house. They damage the foundation of your house.
land before stump gringing
plot before and after stump grinding
  1. The tree roots above the ground can become a tripping hazard and an obstacle to moving around them.
  2. Stump can occupy your future parking space, and it is also an obstacle in your driveway.
  3. Having an old tree stump next to the playground can pose a real danger to your kids of problems.
  4. A stump can get in the way of putting up a new fence.
  5. Grow a new tree instead of your old stump.
plot before and after stump grinding

We have experienced all of these, and other problems that you can face. However, we will be happy to help you out and eliminate all these annoying problems. We stump grind quickly, efficiently, and fast.

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