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We are professionals who are ready to quickly and completely remove tree stumps

tree stump grinding

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We are professionals who are ready to quickly and completely remove tree stumps. Our team uses professional stump grinding equipment to efficiently remove and grind your tree stump. We guarantee careful and safely professional job.
What is a Stump Grinder?
A stump grinder is a designated specialist piece of machinery that specifically removes tree stumps. Built on a wheeled or tracked chassis they come in different engine sizes and power.

We provide the LOWEST prices for service in Connecticut.



1. Old tree stumps can ruin your landscape look.

2. Stumps can become the perfect home for termites, ants, rodents and even wasps.

3. Having a stump at your yard can make mowing much harder to perform.

4. Instead of occupying property's space with an ugly and rotten stump you could plant some flowers, bushes or have a nice lawn.

5. Tree roots can become a hidden danger for your house. They damage the underground structure of your residence.
We have experienced all these, and other kinds of problem people face when having a tree stump in their yard. However, we will be happy and eager to help you out and get rid of all these unnecessary problems. We perform our work easily, efficiently, fast and best.
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why you should remove the stumps at your property.

6. The tree roots which are above the ground can become a tripping hazard and an obstacle to move around them.

7. Stump can occupy your future parking space and it is also an obstacle at your driveway.

8. Having an old tree stump next to the playground can pose a real danger to your kids of problem.

9. Stump can get in the way of putting up a new fence.

10. Stumps may be the reasons for new trees to grow.
why choose our team

why you should only hire our team.

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1. We do not do all kinds of tree service; we exclusively perform stump removal. It is the only work we do. This is why we are the best at it. We focus on being productive instead of busy!

2. Our customer service has a very flexible schedule which makes us available from the early morning till late in the night all week long. We will ALWAYS find time for you.

3. Free estimate.

4. We perform our work in CT and MA areas.

5. We will keep your lawn nice and clean after the stump grinding.
Stump grinding estimate
6. It is our rule to have our workplace cleaned up after we are done. It does not affect the price of our service.

7. We can paper bag the wood chips or we can also take the bags for disposal.

8. We only use new and professional equipment to get rid of stumps in hard-to-reach places without raising price for this.

9. We are licensed and insured.

10. We accept all kinds of payment: cash, cards, checks.
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In order to receive a quote please take a picture of your stump with its exact size including diameter and height.
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We try to be friends with our clients, so we are happy to answer your questions.
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