Tree root removal cost in Hartford CT


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Tree root removal cost in Hartford CT

There are different kinds of trees and our local area around Hartford county. There are oaks, Pines, Maples, etc.

Each of these types of a tree had its root system. For example, the roots of the oak, I'm going down directly beneath the earth level up to the 20 ft below, and there are almost none of the roots that will be widely spread around the stump.

Compared to the oak, the Maple root system is extensive, and mostly all its long and thick, widely spread roots are allocated close to the ground surface. It's far more complex and time-consuming to get rid of the Maple stump because the root system formed something like a hill around the tree trunk.

The Pine root system of these trees is not so thick as the Maple one, but it's much more significant to the point where you can find the pine root more than 25 feet from the trunk of the tree. Some of the pine roots jump over the ground surface, so that's why the grinding area of the pine tree is in several times more significant than the oak one.

The time spent accomplishing the stump grinding directly influences the final price.

Many nuances make up the cost of grinding the stumps. Usually, such work varies from 50 to 504 dollars, while the national average is about 290 dollars. Since each order is individual, companies are rarely put a final price list on the website.

Prices vary depending on the region and several other factors.

If you need to grind a stump, it's better to seek professional help. Having hired experienced workers, you won't have to rent equipment or everything necessary for grinding process.

It's a quick and straightforward job for a specialized stump grinding company. You will save time, money and immediately be able to do whatever you want with your new space.

Factors that affect average root grinding cost

Having completed hundreds of orders for crushing stumps, we can say with confidence that there are no two identical projects.

During the estimation, we always pay attention to the root system. For example, we're taking 100 years old Maple tree, the root system will be widely spread. Part of the roots will is going to be above the ground level which might be hazard two moving around your yard, as well as making lawnmowing much more difficult.

Bigger the stump root system is higher the estimation price will be.

Root removal cost by location

It’s quite difficult to grind stumps on stony soil. This is the first thing that affects the cost. Sometimes, due to slopes and other similar reasons, our specialists cannot easily deliver equipment. This factor also influences the price. And of course, the amount of stumps and their condition.

Tree root grinding cost per inch

All stumps have different diameters and sizes. In Connecticut, the price per inch usually ranges from $2 to $5.

Although with some companies you may see such a calculation, such an estimate is not accurate. Usually, such companies have a mandatory minimum, for example, $100. Pay-per-inch pricing usually does not include such service as after-job cleaning.

Tree roots removal cost the day

If you hire a team of professionals for a day, the price is often calculated by the hour or the project is discussed individually. The price largely depends on the necessary equipment and the overall work complexity. 

As a rule, clients choose this type of payment when getting rid of many stumps. You can always find out the exact cost of the work by contacting the managers of the stump uprooting company.

How much does it cost to remove tree roots with StumpOFF?

  • Our company doesn’t have a strict price list, as we want to be honest with our customers. We know that it’s almost impossible to estimate the final cost without a personal team visit to your territory. That is why we are talking only about approximate prices. The total cost may be affected by soil type, necessary equipment, various obstacles that interfere with work, etc.
  • We know that in your search for help, you will surely see other methods of removing stumps.
  • Our company is provided professional stump grinding services and deals with the roots as part of our job. Because we have a huge experience and what we're doing on an everyday base we can easily determine what type of tree root system you have in your yard, and quickly and efficiently solve your annoying stump root problem.


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