Tree stump grinding prices in Hartford CT


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Tree stump grinding prices in Hartford CT

Almost any owner of a household faces the need to remove tree stumps. They are often left after wild and fruit trees are cut down. Stumps deter a lot when you need to start construction or seed a lawn.

To get rid of them, you can order services for uprooting stumps. There are several companies and two different services to get rid of your stump: grinding or uprooting stumps. We advise you to choose the first option (grinding) because there is a large hole after uprooting while grinding stumps leaves your property well-groomed.

Factors that affect average price for stump grinding

Stumps on the property can interfere with the underground communications, like electric cables, sprinkle systems, invisible fences, driveways, and damage to the house foundation.

Plus, they are just not looking nice. 

Learn more about other reasons to grind the stump:

  1. Old tree stumps can ruin your landscape look.
  2. Stumps can become the perfect home for termites, ants, rodents, and wasps.
  3. Having a stump in your yard can make lawn mowing much harder.
  4. It’s much better to have a flower bed instead of an ugly stump.
  5. Tree roots can become a hidden danger for your house. They damage the foundation of your house.
  6. The tree roots above the ground can become a tripping hazard and an obstacle for you
  7. The rotting stump is an ideal habitat for the reproduction of bacteria and parasites
  8. Stump can occupy your future parking space, and it is also an obstacle in your driveway
  9. Having an old tree stump next to the playground can pose a real danger to your kids 
  10. A stump can get in the way of putting up a new fence.

The average price to grind a stump is the first thing that interests people planning to clear their yard. On average, fees for grinding stumps range from $50 to $500. 

The final cost of stumps grinding can be estimated only during our specialist visit. 

The cost of stump grinding will depend on multiple factors. Such as:

  • the location of the stump and its accessibility
  • the size of the stump
  • the amount of stumps on your property
  • how is the soil is looking like (how many stones are in your property soil)
  • what are we going to do with the wood chips (do you want us to remove them from your property, or we can spread them around the backyard, for example, under the shrubs)

There are different ways how to estimate the upcoming work. Some companies are charging per hour, per day, per inch of the stump, or for the total work.

StumpOFF decided to make it simple, and we're charging for the whole job, which would include the stump grinding and the cleaning up after the job is done. 

The average cost of stump grinding by stump size

There are different kinds of trees and our local area around Hartford county. There are oaks, Pines, Maples, etc.

Each of these types of a tree had its root system. For example, the roots of the oak, I'm going down directly beneath the earth level up to the 20 ft below, and there are almost none of the roots that will be widely spread around the stump.

Compared to the oak, the Maple Rd system is extensive, and mostly all it’s long and thick, widely spread roots are allocated close to the ground surface. It's far more complex and time-consuming to get rid of the Maple stump because the root system formed something like a hill around the tree trunk.

The Pine root system of these trees is not so thick as the Maple one, but it's much more significant to the point where you can find the pine root more than 25 feet from the trunk of the tree. Some of the pine roots jump over the ground surface, so that's why the grinding area of the pine tree is in several times more significant than the oak one.

The time spent accomplishing the stump grinding directly influences the final price.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) tree stump grinding cost

There are several ways how you can get rid of the stump by yourself. The first and the most obvious of them will be manually digging out the root system and removing the whole stump with the roots. The process is very time-consuming and physically costly. Probably it would take the whole day to deal with one stump.

And now the way how you can do it yourself is by renting the stump grinding from the local dealership. First, you should understand that the renting price will be from $250 per 4 hours to $350.00 per whole day. In order to bring the machine from the renting place to your backyard, you would need either to have a trail and truck or use the delivery service. Operating such a complicated machine takes some practice and experience. So yes, you can do it yourself, but we highly do not recommend it.

In most cases, our cost for grinding a couple of stumps would be lower than the price of renting the machine for the whole day.

The average cost for stump grinding by location

Not all the stumps are located near your driveway. Some of them are pretty hard to access. For example, imagine your beautiful family tree was cut down and located in your backyard, on a hill, plus the vinyl fence surrounds your backyard. Sometimes it's not easy to access and set stump grinding machines properly to do the job quickly and efficiently.

And what if the stump is located in your front yard and is surrounded by the well-cared, beautiful, green lawn.

To deal with all these unique cases and have access to any stump you want, we have a fleet of multiple commercial stump grinding machines of different sizes. Moreover, we decided to go with the top-line models, and all our machines had caterpillars (tracks). Because the surface of the Caterpillar is much bigger than even a double wheel machine, your lawn wouldn't be destroyed during the process of stump grinding.

That’s why it's so obvious why the location of the stump and its accessibility influence the price of the final estimate.

Can stump grinding be bundled with tree removal to save on overall cost?

Although grinding companies are a part of the tree services industry. Stump grinding is a separate service. Our company is working with multiple local and statewide tree removal companies, and we can come just after the tree is cut down and take care of stumps. In most cases, the stump grinding company will be more efficient and professional the overall tree service, just because stump grinding is the only service that we provide, and we do it every day all season long.

Cost to grind stumps by project range

Does the scale of the project affect the cost? — Of course. All stump removal projects are unique. Most often, it's impossible to estimate the exact cost of the work without going to your territory. But the universal rule for all StumpOFF projects is always to include wood chip cleaning in our work.

Sometimes customers don't quite understand the price difference between projects. Two projects with the same number of stumps can only be visually similar. The cost is influenced by the number of stumps, the type of soil, individual difficulties in work, etc.

Our specialist comes to you after the application is in process. The worker inspects the yard, landscape, stumps, the ability to bring equipment quickly, and some other nuances. After the inspection, the StumpOFF specialist announces the final cost.

How much is stump grinding cost per stump?

First, as we were writing involved we need to make a personal estimate, so we need to have a look at a stump in order to tell you how much it might cost. The second thing we will do we'll try to figure out what type of soil we have around the stump, because not only do we need to grind your stump we also need to deal with the root system around.

For example, let's take the stump from the oak. The price for the stump grinding service for the oak tree will start from $60.

Compared to the Maple one, which has a wide root system. The price for the Maple stump is starting from $100.

Another factor that influences the increase in the price will be the amount of service that should be provided.

Stump grinding cost per inch

Although some companies practice the estimate based on the diameter of your the grinding area. Our company doesn’t do that. One of the reasons is that there is not enough to just measure the surface of the stump, we need to take care of the root system.

So every time when you see online the price around $4 per inch of your stump you should remember that this is just a rough estimation. part of the job is the stamp itself, and part of the job is at the root system that is below the surface. so to estimate everything based on the same price is not fair either for you or for our company. 

Average stump grinding price per hour

In this case, the price varies depending on the equipment used and the number of hours of operation. The average market price is $100-300.

Cost to grind out tree stump by tree size

The tree size strongly affects the price of the stump grinding. The bigger it is, the more expensive the job will cost. But also other factors are weighed in the cost of stump grinding. If there is asphalt or tile nearby, it complicates the work, and sometimes makes it impossible. Also, the more rocky the soil on your site, the more difficult it will be to grind the stumps. This reflects the cost.

How much to grind a stump by the day?

The price is usually determined by the equipment used and the number of days the crew is hired. The daily cost per crew may vary from $800 to $2500. If additional factors are complicating the work, the price may be higher.

Cost of tree stump grinding in StumpOFF

The price of stump grinding depends on many factors. For example, the wood age, the soil state, the number of stumps, preparation, and cleaning have an impact. That’s why we haven’t created a single price list, in order not to deceive our customers.

A Stumpoff specialist can determine the exact work cost after coming to your address and estimating the amount of work. Our customers are often surprised by such affordable prices. Moreover, we don't have any hidden fees.

Therefore, you can always be sure that you know the final cost of the work from the very beginning.

It’s easy to get a quote: just fill out the form on the website and the company's specialists will call back to clarify the details.

It doesn’t matter how small or big your stump is – professional grinding is always the way to go.



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