Cost of tree stump removal in Hartford CT


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Cost of tree stump removal in Hartford CT

We don’t know anyone who likes stumps in the yard. Not only does it look ugly, but also because an old rotten stump is an ideal environment for all kinds of bugs, including ants, mosquitoes, and even termites.

I haven't even started talking about the potential hazard that the old stump could have. All these long routes jumping here and there above the ground, yellow grass around the stump.

And of course, we need to mention lawnmowing, is it annoying to go round all of these roots and stumps every time? Just think how much time you might save on your weekends if you don't need to do donuts around stumps.

That's why stump removal is such a popular service in our area. StumpOff specializes in these projects. Let's talk about the potential cost of the project on your property. Let's talk about what and how might influence the final price.

Before starting we should mention that all projects and all properties are unique and there is no such thing as a standard estimate, plus you should understand that it's very hard to estimate something just by talking via the phone or looking at photos.

That's why we have the free estimate. The StumpOFF specialist will come to your property and give you the final price right away.

Factors that affect tree stump removal cost

There are several factors that affect the cost of stump grinding:

  • The time required to complete the project.
  • Location of the stump(s) on your property
  • Size of the stump. The larger the stump, the more equipment, and more labor are required to remove it.

Consequently, a shorter and thinner stump will cost significantly less than a taller and thicker one.

  • Soil type. Rocky and tubeless terrain significantly complicate the work.
  • Quantity. For us, it’s easier to do 5 stumps on one property, than stop at 5 different locations and do one stump on each of them.
  • Wood chips cleanout. Or what are we going to do with wood chips? Do you what us to load them into a dump truck? Or maybe we can find someplace in your you yard where the wood chips might be useful.

The average cost of tree stump removal by type

The national average price to grind a stump is between $150 and $300. Most people

pay around $200 to grind one of 24 inches in diameter along with its root.

Of course, in any individual case, the cost may differ from these figures.

For example, if you need to grind one stump, you can get a bill for $100. But when there are several stumps, and you want yard cleaning after that, the amount could go up to $600.

The average cost for stump removal by stump size

As I said earlier there size of the stump is one of the factors can that can influence the final cost of the whole stump grinding project. Bigger the stump more expensive it might be to grind it. But it's not the straight linear correlation of the price to the size. And other factors such as the type of the tree, the type of the soil, etc. should be taken into this equation to estimate the project.

There's the table of the average pricing and the potential influence of the size of the stump on the price (price per one stump):

Stump size

Size (diameter)



Small stumps

6” - 10”



Medium stumps

10” - 20”



Large stumps

20” - 30”



Extra-large stumps

30” - 50”



The average cost of stump removal by the location of theneighborhood

The location of your property as well the where the stump is located on your property has an influence on the final estimate.

Because the stump grinding companies operate with heavy equipment, the amount of distance they are ready to travel is limited.

Plus, soil types in different regions are different for example some grinding in Glastonbury CT will differ from the one in South Windsor, CT.

 If you are shopping to find the best estimate for the stump grinding stump around the companies that are located within a 35-mile radius from your property these companies are considered to be local operators, so probably they will give you the best price on your project.

How much does it cost to remove tree stumps by project range?

The cost of stump grinding in each case is always calculated individually. It depends on the work scale, and it's hard to say the exact cost without going to the intended place of work. Completion time, stump size, type of condition, and clean-up options - each of these items affects the final price.

Some companies charge for the stump grinding by project or by stump), while others may charge by the hour. The only case where the hourly-based estimate might have any sense is when the project is very complicated and it's really hard to estimate the total amount of hours the stump crew is going to spend on the property site.

Again, because all the properties are unique and we have lots of factors that might influence the final price for the project, it's better always to go with a free estimate and ask the specialist of the stump grinding companies to stop by and give you the final estimate.

Stump removal prices per stump

You're always free to ask the stump grinding company how much is the average stump grind cost is. Because even if you have several stumps and your funds wouldn’t allow you to do everything at once, just ask how much to do half of the job now and half of the job later. Compare these quotes. The more stamps you have, the cheaper the price per one stump is and vice versa.

On average if you need just one stump to be ground there are still several factors that are taken into the price when the specialist of the company is going to make an estimate. The amount of money that you are looking for is something from $65 for the small one up to $200-$300 for something bigger.

How much does it cost to remove a tree stump per inch?

The average cost of grinding stumps per inch is about $4 per inch. This pricing method is considered the most economical. In this case, you only pay for what is shredded. However, the cost may be higher. For example, if there are any difficulties with access to your site. These can be stairs or slopes.

The major problem of this estimation (inch-based) is the main part of the stump grinding project is not the stump itself. It's a root system that is widely spread around the stump come.

We have the whole article about the roots and how the roots are influenced the final stump grinding cost.

So, just giving the number of inches of your stump would not allow the company to estimate your project correctly.

Tree stump removal prices by tree size

Some customers need not only to grind the stump, but also to cut down the tree beforehand. A large tree, such as a mature oak, is 60-80 feet tall, and it costs $700 to $1,300 to remove. A medium-sized tree, such as maple or elm, is 30-60 feet tall and costs $400 to $800 to remove. 

Our company is not the tree service, although because we're working in the local market for so long, we can recommend reliable partners who can deal with any kind of tree on our property that you think should be cut down.

We can synchronize our service with the tree service company in order to deal with your stump just after the tree will be cut down.

If you have already cut down the trees, you can call us at (860) 690 72 68. The average stump grinding cost per inch is about $4 per inch. Call us and make an appointment for the free estimate.

Price for stump removal by the day

I've never seen the estimation that will be based on a day’s cost. On average each property has one to five stumps, the crew will be able to do 2-3 locations per day.

How much does stump removal cost in StumpOff?

Each project to remove stumps from the territory is unique. No two are ever the same.

We only do the free estimates, when the specialist of our company will come to your property and see with his own eyes.

 You’ll be surprised how affordable StumpOFF stump grinding services is.



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